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How to Redirect Web Page/Blogger/Blogspot to Another Web Page Using Javascript-Coolest Way!

What is Redirection Of Site?

Sometimes what happen we want our site visitors to visit another site automatically.So the process in which a blog automatically refreshes it self in a short period to open a new site is called redirection.

Why Redirect ?

There can be many reasons:

  • We make new blog and want our visitors to visit new site.
  • upgrade blogger site(free domain) to new paid web hosting.
  • Exporting from Blogger to Wordpress or v.v.

I have previously done a post for redirecting a blog to another site for the old classic Blogger at How to redirect from old URL to new URL. However, on testing, it was found not to work on the New Blogger blogs anymore, even with changes.

How to Redirect ?

It is simple and easy ony copy paste job : ) There are two ways to do this First by Pasting Java scrip and Second is Meta tag.Below are both Methods

World's Fastest And Simplest Scripts (UPGRADE):-

1# Method

Login to Blogger>>>Go To LAYOUT>>>Add a Gadget>>>Select HTML and Java>>>Paste the Below Code(please paste the code in the top most region to redirect faster)






<frameset cols="0,*">



<a href="http://YOURSITE.COM">




Change red TEXT in the code above

2# Method

Login to Blogger>>>Go To LAYOUT>>>Then Click On Edit HTML>>>Check Mark Expand Widgets>>>Press Ctrl+F

Search For below code:-


Copy below code just after


<meta content='0;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

And save the template ...


Feel free to leave comment if you like above widget, have any questions or just say Hi! :)