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Direct Cut Images From Your Screen And Paste In PNG or BiTMP(Screen Cut Software)

In your regular practice First you press "Print screen button" then paste image in Paint Cut Actual required Image ,Convert it into PNG Or Sometimes compress it .And Then Upload it.Shhhess This very Long Long Process . Now i going to Share with you a Very Cool Software .


1) Images Size Difference is very large, Usually 300kb By using this software its Only of 34kb(200*200 picture)

2)Image extension is PNG which is widely used, uploaded and can be edited online.

3) Easy to use

4) No Compromise With Image Quality.


You must have .Net Framework installed On your computer.

Procedure to use this software.

1# Step

Install Software

2# Step

Run Application.After starting you will see small butterfly icon below Right hand side of the screen

3# Step

Then Right Click on it to change options To change selection area(Free hand or Rectangle) And Change format Png or BitMP. I am using PNG it gives quality picture of very small size.

Add Image

4# Step

To start double click on the icon.After clicking whole screen will Become Grey in color.Now select your Space or Area on screen to CUT .Then Go on Desktop And Paste the Selected Image.

Here is the Download Link (Download)Brought by


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