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How to Block/Remove Ads in Android Browsers, Apps and Push Notifications

Applications which are free mostly loaded with advertisements as android choice of many users. Advertisers and developers use these free apps and games to earn money. But annoyance and irritation while using such apps usually increases as the number of such apps increases. Here I am going to provide some methods to remove such weedy stuff from your device free of cost.

For Rooted Devices. Rooted devices have some apps which are good in doing this job. 

 1) AdAway
 2) NetSpector Sniffer/Ad Blocker
 3) AdFree Android

For Un Rooted Devices. 

 1) Ad Block Plus
 2) Adblock Plus extension for Firefox
 3) Disable network/On Airplane Mode.
 4) Removing Push Notifications by detecting apps cousing them using these apps AirPush Detector and Addons Detector


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