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My First Post !

Hi everyone! this is Inder J .I am a simple boy.I am really addicted to blogging(56 created one is working : )I am pursuing graduation from P.U .The main reason to compile this blog is share new information which i collected by spending about two years with Blogger.This blog is mainly dedicated to blogger,it includes Blogger hacks, tips, tricks, templates, new widgets, jQuery for blogger and other tech news.

i am going to start this jurney and there is a deadly need of your support, suggestions, comments and knowledge.I make sure this blog will provide you easy but powerful i believe in Plug n Play .....i.e easy to get and easy to apply....

My next post will be a Feedback page by using which you can give your suggestions,Comments  ask queries .Please feel free to ping me any time....


Feel free to leave comment if you like above widget, have any questions or just say Hi! :)